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Zoya chudi in UK

Hi everyone, I’m Zoya living in Lahore, Pakistan. Age 22 now working with Pakistan International Airways (PIA) as cabin crew. Can’t tell you all details. I think it’s enough. As far as looks are matter u can say I am mirror cracking material. Bit tall to any other pakistani girls. I reach to 6feet 5inchs now. With perfect curves at right places. Don’t be so curious will tell you my vital stats. Its 35c- 28-35. With some gr8 erected nipples. I’m kind of girl who has enjoyed a lot in life.

You know what I mean by it. It’s like I have been fucking around since I was in my teenage. And once I entered this airways industry I got free license go fool around. It’s like 90% of our female staff is like that only. It’s very normal. Enough of introduction I guess. Moving ahead’s. It was the story. Happen last month in London. I was on flight to London. Coz of bad whether we have to postpone our flight for 3 days. And I got a chance to roam around. 1st day I was out with my friends. We had been to many places done with shopping n all.

While shopping I had been noticing lots shops for sex toys. There I had an idea. Next morning I took my bath got ready in my jeans n top with overcoat to protect me from cold. Started towards place of sex toy shops. I had taken good look at it. And collecting all my courage went it to visit one of it. It was something new I had ever seen in real. Normally we can see it only in porn films. Lots of, lots of sex toys. Different kind of. It was to huge place. All of sudden I had pat on my shoulders. There was blonde kind of girl greeting me with lovely smile on her lips. Saying hello miss. How can I help you with all this.

I wasn’t expecting all this. I was speechless. Don’t know what to say. I was just like ohhhhh hi ….. I am looking for . asssss…….. you know……… I mean……… she started talking very nicely. She said ok young lady calm down. I can understand what u must be going thru. Don’t worry just relax. Take your sweet time. Then she asked me about where I am from, what I do and all that stuff. Its been 10 mins so far I was just talking to her. Now I also become more relax. Then again ask me what kind of stuff you looking for. I just replied anything pleasurable. Then she asked me how you going to take it in flight. I was speechless again.

Then she only said, I might be able to help you with some ideas. Till the time I was so comfortable with her. As her name was Sarah. She was the branch manager there. She took me to her cabin. Ask me if I am free for a day. I replied yes. I was bit curious about that place. Then by holding my hand she took me to the other room. It was huge bedroom. Made me sit n ask want to have some real fun with gr8 power. I said I don’t mind trying it out. Then she started asking me about my sex life. I also told her how mad fuck I am. Then what she said it was something hot.

She asked me if you really feel bored with routine sex I can help you with some real exciting stuff. I was so curious to know about it. She asked me u like pain mix with pleasure. I replied yes I do love it. Specially if I am getting bang doggie style then love to get my butts spanks real hard. She said u can get many more than only spanks if u want it. I said I can try this unless its not harmful. Then she ask me to follow her to the next room. It was something different than bedroom. Now I understood. It was the room made for bdsm acts.

I was getting exited now. I heard and seen lot about it but never had chance to experience it. I started getting wet. Just by thinking about it. It was the room full of bdsm toys and many more stuff. Like chains attached to ceiling, bed with bars, and many more stuff. Sarah open one cupboard and took out one packet and handed over to me. And said get ready for your fun of life time. And winked at me. I took it n open it by d time she left keeping me super curious. I open the packet. 1st come red stocking till hips.

Then red bra panty and the makeup kit. When I started taking out my cloths all of sudden door open and sarah comes in with another super blonde. N ask me to be out of my cloths fully. N asked me if I m clean down there between my legs. I said yes I am. Done with waxing also 3-4 days back. Then she check it herself. Made me lie on d bed n stared to remove my panty. Which was real soaked in my juice. She smiled at me while removing it and st8 always spread my legs wide open n started licking me with some real passion. It was too much for me I started moving away from her.

Then comes the 1st whack of my day str8 on my pussy. Made me said ohhhhhhhhhh fu-ckkkkkkkkk………. What you doing. She replied with angry look. Shut the fuck up bitch. You going to have it lot more today. Going to make your cunt swollen u bitch…… I was so horrified so was exited. being so much of sex crazy still all this was totally new for me. which was exiting too….. And I don’t know how it came from my mouth I said, yes mamm. Do it once again. As soon as I said that. There was sound of smack… smack twice. And my pussy was on fire.

She said get up now wear your given cloths. I too like good girl or bitch got up from bed and started to wear it. She gave me a smooch and went away with that female. I wore the bra 1st. it was so nice but fully transparent and open at my nipples and areola. My nipples were poking out and stood proudly. Then wore panties given by her. It has two strings on my back side bottom exposing my butts and even my pussy. Then I put on stockings and done with makeup. And was waiting. All of sudden door open again. Sarah came in and asked me if I want this episode to be taped.

I was not knowing what to answer. Again she realize and said don’t worry there will be only copy which ll be hand over to me afterwards. I said ok no problem. Then one guy came in with some tray. Sarah told me to lie down on the bed. As I did. That guy told me to turn around. He inject me in my both butts. I asked for what. Sarah told me relax and enjoy only don’t ask too many questions. I know its your 1time. Trust me I ll make it remarkable memorial for you.

I don’t know how I trusted this woman so fast that day. I decided not to ask any more questions and just to give up n enjoy the things which was coming my way. Then that same guy ask me to sit and game me 4 pills to eat with water. I had it. Then took me to wash room. Cleaned up my ass. Again I came in and sit on same bed, She told me get up and get into other bed waiting for me. At that time there were 3 women including sarah and 3 guys including the guy who inject me. All were very fair. Looks very sexy. I started to have an effect on me. I don’t know whether it was injection or pills.

But I started to feel little high. And started to feel my private parts on fire. Sarah asked me how I m feeling. I replied I m feeling high and need some attention to my private parts. She said that’s fair young lady you ll have plenty of attentions today. Don’t worry Then I relax myself on bed. Which was more than bed. Two girls comes up and started to tie my hands n legs spread eagle to bed corners. I was spread eagle. Then sarah comes up and remove her overcoat. Oh my god she was nude behind her coat. No cloths only knee length boots she was wearing.

I was about to open my mouth she said. So bitch r u ready for the game. We going to make you slut today. Bdsm torture slut. U want to be. I nodded yes. I was so wet. Then she came near me started to smooch me. I let her tongue inside my mouth. She kept smooching me like that. Then I felt hands on my tits. I saw from corner of my eyes. It was a girl. Feeling my tits. Then started to pinch my nipples. The more harder she pinched. I moan in sarah’s mouth. Sarah stopped smooching me and gave me a tight slap on my face. And said, don’t you like that bitch.

You came here to get tortured don’t u. u little whore. Those words was hitting my ears way deep. And I was getting more and more aroused. Then she started to finger my pussy. Saying come on bitch take my fingers. There many more to come for your cunt. She had her 2 fingers inside me. Making me moan louder now. I started enjoying now like anything. Then she called loudly hey tony come here n stuff your rod in her moaning mouth. A guy comes up. Remove his cloths. I was stunned to see his monster. It must b at least 9 inch white thick rod.

And red at his cockhead. Lovely it was. I accepted it with will. N started sucking him. It was so good to have your pussy filled with fingers and thick cock in your mouth. I started to moan around his cock as sarah insert fingers in my asshole. It was my favorite part to be double penetrated. I was enjoying like anything. Then one more girl came up and handed sarah something. I couldn’t see what it was. She took it from her.

And moved away. Then she started patting on my pussy. Saying look at this bitch who is so wet. She is made to be fucked by town. This cunt is fucking flowing like anything. She needs some punishment now. And she gave me hard slap on my pussy. Making me moan n little bite on the cock I was sucking in my mouth. As soon as he felt my teeth on his cock. He too gave me hard slap on my tits. Ohhhh. Nooo. Fuck. It pain ssss a lot please. Sarah shouted on me shut the fuck up slut. That’s why you are here. To be our nasty pain slut. And again gave me hard slap my pussy.

Again I pleaded. Then again the same guy came up and gave me two quick shots of injects. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck kkkkkkkkk….. waaaaaat tt a feelings it was. My whole body was on fire like hell. Same time they started slapping me all over again on my pussy and my tits. Pulled my nipples real hard. I was in gr8 pain. But was enjoying like anything. Wanting more and more. Asking them not to stop. They were spanking me now real hard. Making me almost cum. Then they stopped. One girls cuts my bra n panty off. She has rope in her hand. She started to tie my tits real hard ohhhhhhhh fuck kkk. I was crazy.

Never ever had this before. Loving every min of it. Then they put some clips on my nipples to hold it under dos clips. It was so painful. Then they attach chains to dos clips. N attach them to ceiling. Makin my nipple poke out more and more. Making it stretch fully. Ohhhhhhhhhh holly yy shit tttttttt…. I was in deep pain now. But my body was not ready to give up. And demanding more. I shouted loudly torture my pussy please. I want my pussy to b tortured. Another clips on my pussy lips n next min my pussy was wide open fully stretch for everyone to see right inside.

I was wet like anything. Then she got some dildos same time man fucking my mouth started grunting loudly. And started to cum all over my face n mouth. Making me lick all his cum. I felt like I was super slut. Sarah then took two dildos and one by one she insert it in my both holes which was fully expose for everyone. It took them in with ease to my own surprise. Both went it my holes rather easily then it should have been. They were big. Making me stretch fully.

Sarah started to fuck me with both dildos as same time. I started to moan loudly. Faster she fucks me louder I moan. I was about to cum. She got to know that. And stop fucking my pussy. And started more faster with my ass. I was moaning like hell. There was pain n pleasure. My tits were moving as she was forcing the dildo in making my nipples stretch more which was attach with ceiling chains. It was real hard fucking by now. She kept fucking my ass for about 15 mins.

And I was shouting n screaming. For more and more. She gave me some hard slaps on my pussy. Making me feel like whore. Calling me by name of whore slut bitch. She kept fucking me n slapping my pussy n tits real hard. Then sarah ask other guy to fuck my pussy till I cum. I already started begging her to fuck me real hard in my pussy. I wasn’t know that time it was the drug which they gave me brings all my slutty nature out of me. Then they freed my hands and legs. Then that man comes between my legs and in one go he pushed his dick all d way inside me. Ohhh I screams as he fully fill me up.

Sarah told him to go at full tempo. So he started fucking me mercilessly………. Ohhhhhh fuckk. Feels damm gooddd. Fuck me eeeeeee ….. harder……….. oh yesssss…. Fuck the hell out offfffffff me. Please….. same time they release my nipples from chains. Left clips on nipples. And started pulling it hard while that stud was fucking the hell out of me. Same time sarah make some room for her hand below my legs n started ramming that thick dildo in my ass. I was double fucked. With two big cocks. One was natural n other one was artificial.

But really I can’t make it up which one was feeling better. All of sudden that guy pulls out his cock. Ran towards my face. With out even giving me a time to open my mouth he sprayed hot jets on my face. As he left sarah insert 2nd dildo in my pussy. N started fucking me very rough. Same time other guy who cum 1st started slapping my tits again. An that guy cumin on my face kept cumin for a minute. He covered my entire face in his hot cum. I tastes few. I love cum like anything. I started to shiver badly. As I know I m going to have orgasm of my life.. I stiffen my body. And let out the loud moan coming out of my mouth. Ohhhhh godddd. I am coming

Fuckkkkkkkk meeeee hard. I mmm cumminnn . and next movement I started to release all my cum. Sarah was still fucking me badly. I kept coming for 2 or 3 mins. That is called multiple orgasms later I saw I not only cum but I squirted for 1st time ever in my life. I lay there nude fully exhausted. Every one left Levin me right there as it is. Only things they did was just an clip me from all clips. Freed my tied tits….. I try to wake up but couldn’t as my ass and pussy was swore and become fully red. So well as my tits. I give up and lay there as it is….

And went to sleep….. I don’t know how much I sleep.. when I woke up. I saw no one there in the room. I got up slowly from bed thinking my ass n pussy must be still paining. But to my surprise there were no pain. I walked to washroom.. n clean myself. Had hot water shower. There was knock on the door. Follow by female voice. There Jacuzzi waiting for you maam..To be continued, Post your comments on this my 1st ever story of my life. I have many more experience to tell you.

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Amazing Pakistani Sex Story

My name is rehan, I m 21 year old, . I m doing ACCA from skans.i m a well educated guy. I live in islamabad.

So howa youn kay main shroo hi say apni cousin per khuwaar hon she is such a smart girl 38 will be figure so u can just imagine but i have tested aik din main apni nani kay han rehnay gaya howa tha mujhay pata nahe tha kay wo meri nani kay han rehnay aae hoee hay i was surpriced to see her or mujhay apna khuwaab pora h ota dekhae day raha tha kyoun kay meri nani kay han sirf nana or nani he hotay hain mamoo’s ki shadi ho chuki hay and they have saperat homes well ab nana hamary alag room main sotay hain or main nani kay saath sota tha us din mujhay khushi kay maray neend he nahe arahi the well is short yeh kay raat ko do bajay main utha to dekhta hon kay meri cousion so rahi hay gehri neend or falay say so rahi the wo nani say khair main uth ker us kay pas gaya or us ko andhayray main ghoor say dekhnay laga neend main insaan ko hosh nahe rehta kay wo kis tarahan say so raha hay or han main ap ko batata chaloon meri coz ki age

18 saal hogi mager us per jawani bharpoor tareqay!

Say chahri hay ab main nay nai ko dekha jo kay gehri neend so rahi then jab main bilkul satisfied hogaya kay han nai so rahi hay to main nay apni coz kay seenay per hath rakah or is kay boobs pump kernay laga wo kafi gehri neend main the jis ka mujhay andaza tha, ab main nay us ki main place per hath phairnay laga to main nay feel keya us main thora sa current doora or neend main he wo baychain honai lagi yeh dekh ker main nay or us ki main place ko ragernay laga or us nay apnay donoon hath sir kay peahcy rakhleyeh or but wo abhe neend main he the main ab us kay oper lait gaya or us ki galay per apni zaban phairnay laga jis say wo apni gerdan right or left kernay lagi or mera bilkul khara howa akker raha tha khair us ki acchank ankh khul gaee actully she did not expect me in this way ever but sex to saab main he hota hay tu main nay just us kay mon ko band keya to kehnay lagi yeh kia ker rahay ho main nay kaha pls don’t brake my emotion let me do this but wo to refused ke!

R rahi the main nay apni fnigre (ungli) us kay main place per ragernay laga or us ko bhe maza anay laga main nay us ko bhoot garram keya or phir wo bhe mujhay kis kernay lagi main nay pagloon ki tarhan us kay grayban ka button khola or apna moon us kay breast per rakh ker suck kernay laga or wo moon say ajeeb see awaaz nikalnay lagi phir main nay us ki kamer (west) per apnay hont

rakh deyeh ahesta say kyoun kay sex aik galay per aik kamer ki back side or seenay kay neachy zabaan phairnay say he charhta hay well main nay us ko kaha yahan koe dekh layga chaloo dosray room main chaltay hain kehnay lagi nani na uth jaein main nay kaha aik kam karoo takyeh lita ker chader dal do donon nay yehi keye phir main us ko gode main utha ker bed per laygaya us bed per jis per hamaray mamoo’s apni b v yoon say maza laychukay hain well ab main nay us ko lit ker bed per us kay oper lait gaya or us kay hont main hont deyeh rakah or sath sath us kay breat ko sehlata raha or fingre bhe kerta raha or wo meri bahoon main machal rahi the actully main us ko bharpore!

Maza dayna chhata tha ab to wo pagel ho gae us nay mera pakker ker dabana shuroo keya mujhay maza anay laga phir main nay kaha seedhi lait jaoo wo lait gae phir main nay us ki legs (tangain) uthaein or halkay say dala us ki awaaz nikli dard ho raha hay main nay kaha hoga mager maza aeyga us nay kaha pls aahista karoo main ahsita aahista us per pora dabaoo barhana shuroo keya or mera pora lund us ki choot main chala gaya ab us ko bhe maza anay laga or wo thora zoor laganay lagi phir mujhay feel howa wo released ho gae hay kyoun kay mera lund gela ho chuka tha mager main abhe laga howa tha khoob jhatkay maray jab mera time anay laga to main ruk gaya or phir us ko kis kernay laga us ki breast say musalsal main khail raha tha us ki nippls aisay kharee how then kay kia bataoon or us kay breast bilkul pink thay well main phir shuro howa aik dafa wo phir released hoee us kay thori deer bad main bhe hogaya or jab main nay time dekah to 4 bajnay walay thay.

So yeh the meri kahani phir main subha naha dhoker office janay ki tayyari kernay laga to dekha wo nashta bana rahi the main kitchen main gaya or us ko salam keya us nay jawaab deya mager khuch sherminda the woo main nay kaha kia hogaya is main sherminda honay ki kia bat hay maska to lagana tha na takay aaenda bhe aasra hoo

khair us din office janay ka mood to nahe tha mager jana tha main raat main jab office say aya dobara nani kay han to wo ja chuki the

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Mari Teacher

My name is shamim & I was I lived in Lahore I m going to tell u a story. This is a true experience of my life which happened 8 years back at that time I was studying in 10th class. I was studying in a private high school o Lahore. My teacher namely Miss Shagufta who used to teach us English and mathematics. She was having good figures i.e. 36x28x36 and her age was 32 years. I was good in mathematics but a bit weak in English. One day she said to me that if your parent agree then after school time you come to my home for studying English so that you may get good position in your matriculation examinations. I told this offer to my parents who at once gave me the permission to study English in her home.After one month summer vacations started and I started to go to her house for having English learning. Our story started from here.

I was unaware about the sexual relation with any one and have no idea to have a sex play with my teacher. One day her husband who was also a teacher in a Government school and also teach some students in his home. He went to his bed room with a young beautiful boy who was his student also. He said to his wife that she will not allow any person to come to his bed room, because we are busy in the study.After fifteen minutes my teacher said to me to see from the hole of the door what they are doing inside. I obey my teacher order and see from the hole that both were naked and her husband on the bed with a dogy style and his student is rubbing some oil on his ass hole and started entering his fingers in his hole first he entered one finger and then the boy entered two fingers in his teachers hole. I surprised to see this situation but not told the happenings to my teacher, when she asked me what I have seen I replied nothing. Then my teacher Shagufta herself saw from the hole and saw that the student cock entering in the ass hole of his hasband gand. After this she bring me in her study room and started teaching me English. After one week, when my teacher husband went to Rawalpindi to meet his elder brother then my teacher said to me that I am alone in my house as my husband has gone to Rawalpindi and remain there for days. During his absence you will have to stay at night with me and also obtain the approval from your papa. She also met my Mama and requested her that your son will stay with me for days as I am alone at my home and fearing. My mama give permission for staying days in my teachers house and I took some clothes and went away with my teacher. She asked me ok, bring your English book and study, I study my English book for some time. Then she asked me to bring food from the bazaar, I brought the food from the bazaar we both have eaten our dinner jointly. After that we started to play Luddo. During the play off and on my head touched with her head and the next time she advertantly touched her head with my head and started laughing. All of a sudden she kissed me on my head and her second kiss was on my cheek and when she win the game of Luddo and kissed my lips. Then she switched on the T.V. and we both were seeing the love story pictures and when there was any sexy seen she started kissing me. Now I wanted to sleep and trying to close my eyes on the sofa. Then she went to the kitchen and bring a glass of hot milk for me. She told me to have the milk first and then go to the bed for sleeping when I had the milk, I asked her that where is the bed as there was only one bed in the bed room. She told me to sleep on her bed. I went to her bed for sleeping. After some time she changed her addressed in the bed room in my presence and I have seen all the parts of her body and there was some strange feeling. She asked me to see more film and at once switched on the TV and I was astonish to see that a triple x movi is on the screen of the TV. Then she come to bed and thrown her body on the bed. After 15 minutes she caught my cock with her hand which was after irritation about 6.5 ” and was as tight as iron bar. She started rubbing my cock. After few minutes I changed my position and my hands approached to her boobs and started pressing her boobs softly. She started to open her nighty button and started pressing my body with her nipples she also put her tongue into my mouth and began to lick my mouth with her tongue. She hold my hand with her hand and taken the same to her pussy and told me that: Apni Ungli meri Choot main Dalo, Main nay apni doe unglian uski choot me daalney ki koshish ki. Laken uski choot bohat tang thee. Mein bohat haran tha kay ek shadi hudda aurat the choot itni tang kyun hay toe ooss nay muchay bataya ke meri shadi ko 12 saal hoe gay hain laken tumharay sir nay ajj tak meri choot naheen lee. Upon this I at once raced up and asked her how I can use us then she slept straight on her bed and asked me to come on her body. She put her leg on my shoulders and took my cock in her hand and then she get up and put my cock in her mouth and started licking. After some time I was surprised because some white kind of element later I came to know that it is called juice, came out of my cock and she drank each and every drop of my juice.

Then she told me to kiss her pussy, I kissed, then she told me to lick her pussy and I started to lick her pussy, after few minutes she shouted and her juice came out of her pussy and spread on my face. I drank some drops of her juice which was very tasty. Then she again started licking my mouth and tongue and also started licking my cock with her mouth after 2 minutes my cock again irritate just like a iron bar and she took the same in her and put the same in her pussy hole and asked me to push the cock in her hole and I started pushing my cock in her hole but failed and then she asked me that: who tail qui sheet Lao and merry chute and apnea Lund pay tail alga main the tail ski chute per lagaya and apney Lund per lagaya. Fir us nay Mura Lund packer Kerri Apni chute qui Mori per rah Kerri mug say aha Kay zoar say Dhaka alga main nay Asia Kiyo and aahista aahista mer 6.5″ ka Lund ski chute main ghus giya. And she started crying aur mugh say kehnay lagi Kay mughay bohat takleef hoe rahi hay tumhara Lund hay Kay lohay the salakh, issay baher nikalo but I started pushing my cock again and again after one minute she began to start taste and started saying wah merry jan mazza aa gia hay zoar say Dhaka alga phir usnay khud Dhaka lagana shroo Kerri diya and mugh say kehnay lagi bahan choad teray main jaan naheen rahi zoor say mughay chodo. Apni ustani qui chute ko phar daiy.

After five minute we both shouted together and I took out my cock from her pussy when I put out my cock from her pussy there was a voice just like the voice when we open the Cold drink bottle and started to press her boobs and there was blood coming out of her pussy. After few minutes the blood stopped but the bed sheet all red with blood. She was very happy and kissed me with love.